Mike Dunay started working professionally as an actor during the summers while pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Acting from Carnegie Mellon University. After earning his degree, Dunay continued his career in Los Angeles where he won a spot in his first film; a leading role in the award winning feature, The Open Door.

Dunay enjoyed L.A. not only for it's wealth of opportunity but for it's skateboard parks and the epic bonfire beach jams. Dunay proved to be a truly versatile talent in the Hollywood market as he continued exploring his abilities as the dysfunctional drug dealing hillbilly gangster, T.J. Richie, in another festival sweeping feature film, Becoming Eduardo. He also demonstrated creative skill in the comedy realm playing in the major DVD release, Senior Skip Day. Dunay has appeared in NBC's new hit episodic, Grimm and TNT's Leverage.

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